The Company

In 2002 a group of people providing healthcare to large mining companies got together, under the leadership of Frank Sullivan and developed a multivitamin of high quality at a low cost. This product was called “Phakamisa” meaning “To Pick Up” or “Uplift”. The name was given to us by the National Union Of Mineworkers.

This product was not developed with the idea of handing it out for free to the employees of Harmony, but it was believed that the product was affordable enough that employees could buy it for themselves their families and actually for whomever they want.

From February 2004 the Phakamisa product range has grown tremendously to a variety of products and variations. Phakamisa Healthy Living was registered on 7 September 2007 as a company with Healthshare Health Solutions (Pty) Ltd as its holding company.

There is a high customer demand for quality nutritional products at affordable prices. Good nutritional products helps to fight illnesses, fatigue and therefore assists the body to be more productive. Phakamisa Healthy Living (Pty) Ltd will ensure that the supply will meet the demand.

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